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Accompanying Eric Schmalenberger at The Greenspace, NYC

Mad Jenny's Love Und Greed Promo from Mad Jenny on Vimeo.

Mad Jenny Teaser Trailer, 2016

Mad Jenny at Pangea from Mad Jenny on Vimeo.

Mad Jenny at Pangea, 2016

The A List Song or Das Gesellschafts Lied / Mad Jenny at Money Lab from Mad Jenny on Vimeo.

Mad Jenny and the Society Band at Money Lab, March 2015

Make Music New York's Mass Accordion Appeal 2014 at City Hall Park - Terry Riley's In C

My vocal/accordion arrangement of Beck's "Eyes That Say 'I Love You'", from his Song Reader project.

A great night at LPR - This Ambitious Orchestra performed a bunch of selections from Cabaret with a variety of guest singers. I arranged Money and a few others (and played keys, of course).

In This Lonely Town (Andrianna Smela and myself) performs Jacques Brel's Amsterdam at the Jazz Bar in 2011. We did a week of shows as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Another awesome LPR gig - we played Rocky Horror on Halloween of 2010.

Bjork's Bachelorette arranged for accordion, performed by In This Lonely Town at the 2010 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


Queen tribute at the Highline Ballroom in 2010 - my arrangement of Bicycle Race, complete with crazy unicyclists.