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Game Audio

Since 2014, I've composed original music and sound design for over 30 unique slot games at High 5 Games. Most of these can be played at High 5's online casino - and some can even be played in land casinos around the world. Browse the trailers below to get a taste of some of the games we've made at High 5.


Game Trailers (original music and in-game sfx)

Mayan Macaw (2017)

Silver Enchantress (2016)

Dino Dollars (2018)

Lucky Strip (2017)

Caught in the Widow's Web (2018)

Candy Queen (2015)

Magic Toy Soldier (2017)

Russian Wolf (2017)

Tiny Treasures (2017)

Black Sail Beauties (2017)

Photographing Faeries (2017)

Majestic Cats (2014)

Pride & Prejudice (2017)

All That Cash: Easy Money (2016)

Secrets of the Pixies (2015)

  Miss Universe Asian Adventures (2016)

Outback Walkabout (2014)

All That Cash (2015)

When Pigs Fly (2015)

Underwater Kingdom (2014)

Perfect Gentlemen (2014)

Purr a Few Dollars More (2015)