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Occasionally, someone mentions the music director!  That's nice.

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"An absolutely terrific band features Maria Dessena on piano, accordion, and vocals, Ric Becker playing mercurial trombone, and Jerry DeVore expertly communing with a 5-string bass. Outstanding arrangements by Dessena evoke the era like a time machine." - Alix Cohen, Woman Around Town

"Dess(e)na's rendition of a Bjork tango was engaging and affecting, making good use of a tender, flexible voice." - Broadway Baby

"Also sounding great is the live band (Derek Davi(d)son, Maria Dessena, Ryan Ferreira, Michael Rafalowich, Sparkie Sandler), intensely presenting each and every song." - The

"Music director Maria Dessena ably leads the 5 piece band (Ryan Ferreira and Michael Rafalowich on guitar, Derek Davidson on bass, Sparkie Sandler on drums, with Ms. Dessena on piano and accordion) in a variety of styles from simple folk-style recitative, to full-blast rock." -

"...She had the good fortune to be accompanied by the accomplished pianist Maria Dessena..." -