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The Pig

Just when I was getting into the hibernation thing, theater season started and smacked me in the noggin.  Current project:  the extraordinary multi-media theater piece, The Pig.  I've been assistant m.d.'ing for director Henry Akona the past few weeks, as well as organizing some pre- and post-show music for the event.

The Pig itself stars two of my most favorite people, creative power couple Robert Honeywell and Moira Stone, not to mention current collaborator and renaissance woman, Jenny Lee Mitchell.  They sing, dance (and even play clarinet, cymbals and glockenspiel) throughout this mash-up of the Czech operetta, The Bartered Bride, with Václav Havel's short play on the trials and tribulations of purchasing a pig for a zabíjačka.  

The pre-show features a new ensemble I've put together with a few good friends, Cabaret Metropol.  Fronted by Jenny and the incredible singer and actress Katarina Vizina, we are doing a short set before each Pig performance of classic Czech songs (and some other international cabaret nuggets).  I'll post more about Cabaret Metropol soon! 

The post-show extravaganza will be 6 Velvet Underground songs, performed by the Pig cast themselves.  You can read about Havel's relationship with the Velvet Underground here.  It's a wonderful way to end a show about revolution through cultural expression.   

Come see a great show!  Tickets available here

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  1. Here's a wonderful review that really captures the heart of the show:

    Also, The Pig was critics pick of the week for the New York Times last week!