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Cabaret in Captivity at Pangea

Untitled Theater Company #61 will once again be doing our annual performance of Cabaret in Captivity on Monday, April 9th and Monday April 16th at 7:30 PM, at Pangea (178 Second Avenue, between 11th and 12th St) as part of the National Jewish Theater Foundation's Holocaust Theater International Initiative, Remembrance Day Play Readings.

From the UTC#61 website:

"Terezin was the final stop for more than 30,000 Central and Western European Jews, most from Czechoslovakia, Austria and Germany who perished within its walls. For thousands more it was only a way station on the journey to the slave-labor and death camps. Yet it was also a place where many prisoners became intensely aware of the meaning and power or art. During those years in Terezin/Theresienstadt, a vigorous cultural life emerged. Not all prisoners participated in the cultural life and only a small fraction of the works produced there has survived."

"Although honoring a somber event, the atmosphere was surprisingly pleasant and uplifting...Cabaret in Captivity is a call to action to use hope not as a means of passive daydreaming, but a powerful act of resistance. It has been said that humor equals truth plus distance. Perhaps humor was the most palatable, effective way of sharing the unbelievable creativity, will, and resistance that came from the 'Chosen' who 'had no choice.' " - Amy Oestreicher, Broadway World

Previously performed at The Center for Jewish History, the Bohemian National Hall, York Theatre, the Czech Embassy in Washington, DC, and The William Goodenough House in London, England.

Tickets available here

Und Der Regen Rinnt from Mad Jenny on Vimeo.