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I have crossed paths with a lot of different folks over the years of varying talents - I've turned pages for pianists who regularly gig at Carnegie Hall; fetched coffee for one of the most famous sopranos in the world, and even walked her dog.  There was that time Billy Joel let me play piano with him.  But on a daily basis, I work with amazing folks who have decided for one reason or another to devote their lives to music.  Some of them read music notation, some don't.  Some easily improvise, while others are glued to the page.  Some are ninja hybrids, curious to explore every genre and instrument.  Some are exceptional at one instrument only.  Some have day jobs, others do not.  But they each have value - which comes through their individual talents and the lives that led them to be who they are today.  One of my goals as a music director is to recognize the value of each of those talents and try to get the most out of it, instead of making someone into something they are not, or placing more value on one talent above another.  We all understand music - it's just a matter of understanding each other.


  1. "What was I saying? Oh, yes, the stage. Acting. I have changed. Now I am a real actress. I act with joy, I am intoxicated by it, and feel as if I am beautiful [...] I know now, I understand at last, that for us, whether we write or act, it is not the honor and glory of which I have dreamt that is important, it is the strength to endure. To keep going. To learn how to keep going. And to have faith. One must know how to bear one's cross, and one must have faith. And when I think to myself: “I am on the stage!” That is when I do not fear anything life might do to me."

    This is from The Seagull (adaptation by Tommy D.), and I feel that it is only very recently that I have realized how profoundly true it is.

    Keep going.

  2. And, as a very wise woman once told me, "Do better."